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May. 4th, 2006 @ 09:27 am Yay for pay!!
Current Location: KATS
Mental Disorder: weirdMAKE THE SILENCE STOP!!
Background noise: Tapping of keys in a quiet room
Well, I started my job last night. Yeah, so I'm finally working again. No more jokes from anyone about being a slacker. I work 10 p.m. till 6:30 a.m. as freight/ad set for Kohl's. I can't complain it seems like it is a busy job, which is what I've been wanting.
Also can't wait for summer, because I will get to go to Colorado for two weeks if everything goes as it should. Other then that, just finishing up finals for this year so that I can find out if I actually get to go on to the second year part of this programming and learn how to do proper networking.

Final note to point out is that anyone who has seen any good movies recently should let me know. I've been unable to keep up on everything that has come out. Oh yeah also, would some of you guys atleast leave me a note letting me know how you are doing? I haven't heard from anyone recently and I'm starting to get that everyone is avoiding me feeling again. I'd just like to know how everyone is doing.

Later people.
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Apr. 28th, 2006 @ 09:45 am Another Day Done
Mental Disorder: happyYay for skinning!!
Background noise: Three Days Grace - I hate everything about you
Well class is boring today. We're covering Linux (fun times) and it seems to be the easiest OS I've worked with yet. Other then that Ali just told the class that he is having a contest that if you get a 85% or better that we can get an A for the year. So obivously I put my name down to compete since there is no penalty. I just want to get the 100% so I can get the special prize, which sounds like it could be money.

Also I may be working at Kohl's here soon. I took the drug test and by next week I should be hearing from them to work on the night shift. So things are actually going really well right now.

On a final note, since I didn't post it at the time, I saw Silent Hill last weekend. It was fucking AWSOME. It held to the game pretty accurately and the creatures looked very real. If you have not seen it you need to, and if you have you have to see it again. Of course in the trailers there were a couple interesting movies mentioned. 6/6/06 is the release date for the remake of The Omen, which looked pretty good. Also Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift was shown. The third movie apparently is in Japan and instead of out and out street racing they are drift racing in parking garages.

Anyway, I'm out for the day. Class is done and I need to go finish playing Shadow Hearts: From the New World. It's fun!!! Later people.
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Mar. 27th, 2006 @ 07:50 pm Horray for me!!
Mental Disorder: energeticKABOOOM!!!
Background noise: Explosions of cars from Burnout 3
Well, my spring break was interesting. I put serious consideration into punching Robin's brother with her mother in the room. Always a good idea (sarcasm if you couldn't tell). Anyone of you would understand why though. You ever been forced to sit in a room with someone who chews with their mouth open, plus when they drink their soda sucks it out like gravity is failing to move the liquid?
Other then that, I finished up the nine weeks with an 82%. YAY!! So I will get to move onto the second year program.
On a final note, Shadow Hearts: From the New World is fun as hell. I got to help Al Capone achieve his hold on the mob. Sorry James, I wasn't supposed to tell you that the mob was in the game. You also break into Area 51, where the only alien you find is an over wieght female vampire with a "Magic Wand". But it's time to go play some pool now, so I hope to hear from everyone soon. Now that everyone has finally established their positions on how they feel about each other.

Almost forgot. Been playing the hell out of Daxter for PSP. Thanky you Jesse and James. I love that game. It's fucking helarious, and the dream sequences are wierd as hell. I've been Neo (twice) fighting against agent smith's hundreds of copies and also against morpheus learning kung-fu, I've been braveheart beating back the English with stones to the dome, Gimley fighting off the Helms Deep invasion (and keeping score), Indiana Jones fighting off snakes and spiders while dodging boulders, and Gandolff fighting off the fire demon of Mordor. Not to mention the constant sexual enuendos towards the only person in the game who is really helping him out. Funny stuff.
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Mar. 5th, 2006 @ 05:16 pm Yay, more excitment
Mental Disorder: happyGo figure, the music fits
Background noise: Happy - Mudvayne
Ok, so I've now gone four weeks since the last time my pool team has even let me play, and needless to say I'm about to the point I am going to kill one of them if I have to. Went out for lil' Mikey's B-day friday night and played pool with a bunch of friends. That was fun, since I finished the night with a seven in a row win streak.
Still passing my computer class, which I'm really glad obviously. Been playing a lot of phantom dust online, fun as hell.
By the way Richard, if and when you read this I promise to get you your fifty bucks as soon as I can. Had some unexpected financial problems that ate up my school loans.
Other then that there is nothing else really exciting going on, so I will talk to everyone later.
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Feb. 7th, 2006 @ 12:27 am Funny stuff
Mental Disorder: bouncyI can't tell if I'm bored.
Background noise: Charlie & the Chocolate Factory (good movie)
Ok, so I have a movie that everyone needs to atleast rent and watch once. I'll warn you ahead of time it is kind of unusual, but everyone should check it out anyways. The movie is called Immortal. It's half real actors and half CGI actors, but there is nothing funnier then seeing Anubis god of the dead and Bast goddess of fertility hovering in mid air playing Monopoly.
There is more to the movie then that, but I'll leave that to everyone else to watch. Also The Corpse Bride is an awsome movie, I'd say as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, so Burton's work hasn't lost it's touch.
Not much else to talk about right now, so hopefully I'll talk to alot of you soon either threw my post, or maybe actually get to hang out.

On one final note though, I think that when it is warm enough everyone should get togeather in Shunga Trail on gage and play some dodgeball or kickball. I don't know, just something to act like kids again and get everyone outside.
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Jan. 30th, 2006 @ 10:55 pm Amazing how things change
Mental Disorder: mellowYay for sleepy time
Background noise: Clacking of the Poolballs from Poolhall Junkies.
You know, it's kind of funny. I used to think I had alot of friends, but it seems like since I decided to give up certain things that were taking over my life alot of people have been rather hostel towards me. Well, that's their loss. I was hoping to atleast be able to hang out with them once in awhile, but if they would rather not whatever. Have fun living your lives and I'll talk to you when I talk to you. You all know how to get ahold of me if you do want to hang out. By the way Richard, if you happen to actually read this, get ahold of me around Feb 9th. I'll have the money that I owe you, unless you would rather I not use your credit card again. Just give me a call and let me know.

Other then that, Underworld: Evolution ruled. Wish there were no sex scenes in the movie though. Very interested in seeing Silent Hill movie and also UltraViolet. Also, class has suprisingly gotten better. Maintaining a C grade. Not the greatest, but it should atleast ensure I am able to take the networking class next year. Then once I finish that, I only need 15 credit hours from washburn to get my associates in computer sciences.

Anyway, hope everyone else is having luck with their new classes or jobs. Which ever is going on majorly for them. Take people.
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Nov. 24th, 2005 @ 09:37 pm I win
Mental Disorder: drunkRum is my friend
Background noise: Final Fantasy VII chocobo song
Since it's been awhile since I have posted. I guess I should go ahead a let people know what's going on. First and foremost, Monk if you read this anytime while your moving come get your desk you paid for.
Other then that, been busy with school (fun stuff) and spending time with Robin. No shocker there.
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire was actually a really good movie, and I can't wait for Aeon Flux. Buying tickets here soon hopefully.
Other then that, just waiting to see how things go for next semester in class. Oh yeah before I forget, Richard have fun in Germany and tell Julie hello for me.
Also I suggest anyone with an internet connection look up trailers for two movies. One is called Happy Feet and the other is Over the Hedge. They look helarious.

Later people.
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Oct. 29th, 2005 @ 09:19 pm Hacked in two!!!
Mental Disorder: happyHorray for creepy horror movie
Background noise: Sounds of people screaming while buried in needles!!
Went and watched Saw II today, and it was fucking SWEET!!! The thing did the thing, and the guy hit the thing, and the thing hit the other thing. You have to see it if you have not yet. It definatly lives up to the first movie.
On another subject now, school is going alright for the most part, but it is getting a little harder. I should hopefully be able to keep a C average at the least, so I can keep my financial aid.

That's all I have to say for now, so talk to everyone later.
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Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 06:17 pm Confused and annoyed
Mental Disorder: annoyedI am not happy!
Background noise: Chirpping bird and barking dog. I hate animals
Ok, for those of you who have already put up posts in regaurds to my last post sorry for ya. Yes Jon, you were right I have developed the "Boy who cried house" stigma as you put it, and of course it once again holds true. Kiel don't worry we aren't moving. Mom decided, once again, that she can make this place work, but we are getting a metal door put up for the front door here finally.
I've already made all the jokes to her about this whole we're moving we're not moving bit. She assures me this time, like last time and the time before that, that we are not going to move any time soon. And of course I'm already laying odds that in about a months time she will be ready to move again. Anyway, put up all the jokes you guys want about this. I could use some laughs.
Just as a side note, I'm getting really tired of the lawn here. It actuallys makes the lawn mower stop working. YAY!!! So I hope everyone else is having more fun then me, if not then remember conker's words of wisdom. "I'm going to get tanked tonight!" Later all
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Jul. 22nd, 2005 @ 12:21 pm Third times the charm
Mental Disorder: tiredjust woke up, fuck off!!
Background noise: None (quiet is good!!)
Well, once again my mother has located ANOTHER house that we are moving to. This time it's smaller then the one we are moving into, and the best part is it's located at 21st & Clay. So I actually get to stay inside the city limits. Hooray!! The annoying part is that I move in about 10 days. So I will be asking some of the group for help. Alot of heavy things need to be moved and I don't exactly trust David to make sure it doesn't fall on me.
Other then that, there isn't really much of interest to report. So I will talk to everyone later.
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